Industrial stairs

The Altrex Industrial Stairs are suitable for professional use in warehouses or for maintaining machines. The handgrips and wheels enable easy movement, which is useful when you need to work at several places. The crossover platform is ideal for accessing or crossing over to rooftops or machines. Thanks to the modular system, you have unlimited possibilities. Select the inclination and width of the rungs and find your stepladder online.


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Stepladder type
Number of treads
Working height
2,5 m

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Altrex industrial stairs are modular stepladders with tremendous possibilities and are ideal for working in a warehouse or maintaining machines and production lines. The four attached wheels make the industrial stairs movable and thanks to the handles, you move them easily. Very handy when you have to work at several spots. Do you want a custom-made industrial stair? Select the angle of inclination, the height, the width of the steps and the finish of the steps (profiled, punched or anti-slip) and we do the rest. Especially customised for your work activities.

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Buying an aluminium stepladder is not a decision you make lightly; we know that better than anyone else. Still not sure whether you have selected the right stepladder? Compare our stepladders.