Use- and assembly manuals

Safety always comes first. For this reason, be sure to always read the user manual first before using the product to ensure you are always fully up to date on all the do’s and don'ts. This booklet is standard supplied with each product. The user manuals can also be viewed online below.

Did you know that many of our products also are equipped with a QR code? With Mobile Safety® you have direct access to a product video, user manual and assembly instructions online. This way, you always able to view the manual for your Altrex product on your mobile device.

How To videos

Convenience is a high priority when we design an Altrex product. Are you unsure about how to build a scaffold properly or position a ladder safely? Then watch the Altrex How To videos: super easy via YouTube and viewable anywhere.

Scan brochures with QR Codes

By scanning the QR Code with a QR Reader you can get direct access to instructions, manuals and videos of several Altrex products. Download the app below.

Made in Holland

Dutch quality of a world standard. Innovation, design and the most reliable products. Your security in safety for more than 70 years.

70 years innovations on level

The certainty that you work with the best. That's what's involved with every product we develop. Innovations in safety and convenience. Special and specific, for everyone.

5 years guarantee. Standard at Altrex.

Quality is the norm, certainty the standard. We stress that with five to ten year warranty and service. You can count on that.