Sustainable & responsible

When it comes to sustainability, we never relax.


Sustainability goes hand in hand with our core values. We make conscious, responsible and innovative choices in almost all our processes. That is what the future demands of us and the users of our products can expect. Innovation is in our DNA. For more than 70 years, we at Altrex have been opting for better, smarter and safer every day. In other words, sustainable innovation. With an eye for our customers, our employees and our future. Everyone’s future.


Attention to people and to tomorrow, that is the core. We want our employees to have a good time. That is why we invest in a safe workplace full of opportunities. Training courses, an active career and internship policy, an informal corporate culture, a focus on work-life balance and on physical and mental well-being. Of and for everyone.


Safe, innovative and responsible. These are the guiding principles for all our products. Safe with a view to the user and our environment. Innovative in use, quality and material. And responsible due to the long lifespan, by using as little packaging materials and by recycling as much as possible.


For us, it’s all in processes. Cleaner, smarter, more efficient. That is why we opt for sustainable raw materials and plastics, for digitalisation where possible and for innovative logistic solutions. And with more than 2,300 solar panels on the roof of our factory, our energy supply is also a conscious, sustainable choice.

How do we do that?

Going all out for sustainable business practices is noticeable on all fronts within our organization. We consciously choose sustainable raw materials, keep our production methods energy efficient and recycle our waste. This is what the future demands of us and the users of our products can expect.

Want to know exactly what we do? Then take a look at our sustainability brochure.

Altrex is Cradle to Cradle® certified at bronze level

Cradle to Cradle® is the global standard for products that are safe, circular and responsibly made. If a product is Cradle to Cradle® certified, all raw materials and materials used in its production can be reused endlessly, without losing value. In short: all our professional scaffolds and stepladders can be 100% recycled into new ones.

Altrex-C2C-001 kopie
Solar panels on the roof of our headquarters

That is quite something; 2,304 solar panels to be precise. They take up a surface of more than 8,000 m2 on the roof or our factory in Zwolle. In collaboration with the Belgian firm, WDP, a supplier of solar panels, this project spells a great step in realizing our sustainable objectives.

The Altrex Code of Conduct

The Altrex Code of Conduct forms the basis for our actions and behaviour and is at the heart of the sustainability policy. It applies worldwide to everyone acting on behalf of Altrex, including third parties, and covers areas such as the environment, consumer interests and anti-corruption.

Relax. Internship at Altrex.

Gain work experience at Altrex, dozens of students do this every year at the Altrex Headquarters in the Netherlands. Thanks to close contact with various training institutes and with an average of 20 traineeships per year, Altrex has a strong internship policy. A number of trainees and former trainees will tell you more about it.

Ecovadis zilver

This year, Altrex received a silver award from EcoVadis. Read more about it here!