30 April 2024

EcoVadis and Altrex

This year, Altrex received a silver award from EcoVadis. This is a great achievement! Because Altrex is constantly improving and making its processes more sustainable, we are working hard to achieve gold certification.

Ecovadis zilver - verkleind

What is EcoVadis?

EcoVadis is an independent organisation dedicated to assessing the sustainability of companies. They assess companies annually against 21 sustainability criteria divided into four core themes: environment, labour & human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. Ecovadis thus assesses whether a company is doing business in a responsible and sustainable manner. Based on the score given to the company by EcoVadis, you receive an award. This distinguishes between bronze, silver, gold and platinum.

To receive certification from EcoVadis, companies must demonstrate that they are making improvements in sustainability. This is how the EcoVadis awards of our suppliers are assessed. For example, to advance to a gold award, our supplier must also have a gold award. In this way, companies with EcoVadis awards help each other further towards better certification.

EcoVadis & Altrex

We are proud to say that Altrex has received a silver award from EcoVadis in 2024. Last year, Altrex already received a bronze award, so this indicates that great development has already taken place. As we never sit still and continue to develop, we aim to receive a gold EcoVadis certification in 2025.