Every Altrex ladder is unique. Because of its design, application and possibilities. For every job, from do-it-yourself to professional, there is a specific ladder. A folding ladder, façade ladder or a telescopic ladder; in our large range, you are bound to find what you are looking for. All our ladders have one thing in common: whatever you choose, with an Altrex you always work safe at any height.


Red Step®

Working safely in the blink of an eye

Altrex highlights safety. With the Red Step®, you can always see the height at which you can work safely.

An access solution for every occasion

A suitable solution for every job whether it's small or large. A product made for your task. The range of Altrex products is suitable for the smallest job at home as well as the biggest commercial project. And everything in between.

Ladders 8 July 2022
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How do you place a folding ladder in various positions?

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How do you use a telescopic ladder?

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How to replace a foot on your Altrex ladder?

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Buy Aluminium Ladder

Whether you choose a single-sided ladder for your home, a combination ladder for a building site or a folding ladder for multifunctional use, buying an Altrex ladder or stairway means choosing for safety at heights. Lightweight but nevertheless strong, stable and sturdy, precisely what you are looking for: the best solution for working at heights. You can count on that!

A ladder is understood to mean portable access equipment consisting of ladder booms, rungs and fittings. Single-sided, double-sided or extendable telescopically, ladders are always designed for safety and especially made for you. These ladders make every place reachable.

Professional ladder

Ladders with top-notch features, just as strong as stable. Designed for the heaviest work and versatile use. For example, you easily put the ladder in the A position or you slide the ladder upwards along the façade. You can also put a folding ladder in the scaffold position. That way, you can tackle any professional job.

Single ladder

The most popular ladder in The Netherlands. When you think of a single-sided ladder, then this is the first traditional ladder that enters your mind. Available from 8 to 20 rungs, which means that you can reach maximum 7 metres using a single ladder section. A big advantage is the extra high rungs so that your shins have optimal support, especially if you have to stand on a ladder for long periods. In addition, the D-rungs are also extra wide for long-lasting standing comfort. Professional single-sided ladder of Altrex from 12 rungs or more are equipped with a stabiliser beam.

Top 3 of the best-selling single ladders:

  • Nevada single straight ladder
  • Atlas single straight ladder
  • All Round single straight ladder

Combination ladder

An Altrex combination ladder is mainly used in the professional sector, but this lightweight ladder is also indispensable for the DIY person. You can reach as high as you want! By selecting a 2-section or 3-section ladder, you can place your ladder anywhere. It can also stand free so you don't need a wall for leaning your ladder.

The rungs are made in D-shape or in a tube profile, so they always remain firmly in place. The wide surface of the stabilisers or the outward bent stiles creates an extra widen base, enabling you to stand more comfortably and steadily. The ladder can easily be extended or retracted and stored compactly.

Top 3 of the best-selling combination ladders:

  • Mounter combination ladder
  • Nevada combination ladder
  • Atlas combination ladder

Telescopic ladder

A telescopic ladder can easily be extended or retracted. Extend the ladder up to the required height using the unique central control. Our telescopic ladders have the ABS Soft Close system and spaces between the rungs, preventing your fingers from getting jammed when retracting the ladder. A big advantage is the ease of storing this ladder. Retracted, the telescopic ladder takes up a space of maximum one metre.

Top 3 of the best-selling telescopic ladders:

  • TL Smart Up Pro
  • TL Smart Up Active
  • TL Smart Up Go

Folding ladder

Folding ladders are the most versatile ladders you can find and always consist of four sections. The smart Autolocking® Hinge system at different spots in the stiles makes it easy to place this 4-section ladder in several positions. This unique system of our professional folding ladders is extensively tested in 12,000 cycles, ensuring that you feel secure on every rung.

In the A-position, as single-sided ladder or as scaffold. You can also use a single ladder section as wall spacer. Many of our folding ladders have telescopically adjustable feet with which you always work safely on uneven surfaces.

Top 3 of the best-selling folding ladders:

  • Varitrex Prof folding ladder
  • Black Pro Leveler folding ladder
  • Varitrex Plus folding ladder

Which ladder should I buy?

Which ladder you should buy is related to many different factors: the type of ladder, the work situation, the working height, the use intensity, and the positioning. A professional ladder is almost always the choice in the building sector. Painters and plasterers like to work using an Altrex combination ladder, especially for multiple use of the A-position. If you have limited storage space, a folding ladder or telescopic ladder provides the solution. All professional ladders comply with the Dutch Commodities Act, EN-131 and NEN 2484.

When should I use an aluminium ladder?

A ladder ensures that you reach a certain height easily, quickly and safely. Without any effort and within no time, you will stand firmly, stable and very comfortably at the required height. This is an excellent choice when you do a job where you don't have to move too much sideways. There are more suitable alternatives for fixed workplaces. Do you have to stand at the same place for more than two hours? Then we recommend an aluminium stairway or rolling tower.

How many rungs do I need?

The sky is the limit… literally. The number of rungs you need depends on the height you have to reach. When you start a job, you know which height you have to reach. Based on this, you know which ladder is best suited for your work activities. Buying a stairway with 8 rungs, you reach a height of at least 3.5 metres. A combination ladder with 2 x 10 rungs will enable you to reach almost 4 metres. Need to reach higher? Choose then a 3-section combination ladder. The largest combination ladder has 3 ladder sections, each with 14 rungs, which let you reach maximum 9 metres working height. In-between distances can be achieved using folding ladders, telescopic ladders and single-sided straight ladders. Each ladder has its own advantages.

To make you work as safe as possible, we make safety exceedingly visible with one quick glance. Our Red Step® tells you when you have reached the last rung on which you may stand. Please make sure that the ladder protrudes at least one metre above the object on which the ladder leans. Often this concerns a roof or a gutter. This gives you a firm grip on working safely.

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