Ladders 1 May 2023

How do you use a telescopic ladder?

The TL Smart Up Pro is the ideal ladder for professionals who carry out work on locations. First, you need to mount the stabiliser before you begin using the ladder. After that, we will show you the best way to use this telescopic ladder. Follow the steps and get straight to work!

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Before getting to work with your telescopic ladder…

Remove the packaging of your new TL Smart Up Pro and place the ladder on an even surface. The easiest way to mount the stabiliser is to place the ladder on an elevated surface. Press the endcaps on both sides of the stabiliser and tighten them with the screws that come with the ladder. You will need a Phillips screwdriver.


Mount the stabiliser to the ladder

Slightly loosen the bolts at the bottom of the ladder from the side rails and push the stabiliser in the ladder. Secure the stabiliser to the ladder by tightening the bolts.


How to use the telescopic ladder

Place the telescopic ladder on the ground and unfold the integrated wall spacer with tool tray. Now, you can easily extend the ladder by sliding out the side rails of the ladder. Place your ladder firmly and safely. If you want to know the best way to do this, read our tip about properly placing a ladder.


How to retract a telescopic ladder?

Finished working? Thanks to the central mechanism, the entire ladder unlocks in one action and retracts automatically. That way the ladder is compact and easy to transport.


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