Advice Ladders 21 July 2022

Which aluminium ladder is the best for me and my job?

Choosing the right ladder for your work activities is not always easy; there are so many types to choose from. So, how do you find the ladder that is the most suitable for you and your job? And what are the advantages specific to each type of ladder? This blog explains the differences and will help you choose the perfect ladder for you.

One thing is certain: with Altrex ladders you can work safely at heights. Nevertheless, the type of ladder you choose might just make the difference in your work.


Which type of ladder is best for you?

In order to determine the best ladder for you, you must first consider in which work activities you will use your ladder the most. If you know you will be moving your ladder a lot—because you will be carrying out work at several locations in a short time period— then a single straight ladder or a telescopic ladder can be extremely useful.

If your job needs to be carried out at great heights, then a combination ladder or extendable ladder is the more logical choice due to their reach. A folding ladder is very suitable for varied work activities due to it multi-functionality. A great advantage about this ladder is that you can put it in four different positions.

However, if you are looking for fixed access—for example, reaching the roof of a building—then a hoop ladder is the best option.

Do you want to compare all the ladders one more time? That’s a very good idea, which ensures you make the best comparison. Determine your choice based on your work activities!

The multi-functionality of the folding ladder

Our folding ladders have a multi-functional use. You can place them in A-position, ladder position, platform position and in wall spacer position. Thanks to the smart autolocking® hinge system in various places on the side rails of the ladder, you can easily place this four-part ladder in various positions.

The Varitrex Teleprof Flex is the most versatile folding ladder. Check out all the other folding ladders here and find the one that will be of daily help.


Three types of leaning ladders

The extendable ladders, telescopic ladders and single straight ladders are three different types of leaning ladders. However, each type has specific advantages. The telescopic ladder is compact and easy to transport. The extendable ladders consist of two parts and are therefore suitable for reaching greater heights. The single straight ladder consists of one part, as the name implies, and remains the same length when used or stored.

Which combination ladders are best for me?

The combination ladder is available as a two-section and three-section ladder and can be placed in the A-position or ladder position. We offer combination ladders for private and professional use. Two-section and three-section ladders can be placed anywhere and can also be used as a freestanding ladder, which means you do not need to lean the ladder against a wall.

Altrex combination ladders can handle any job, whether you are using the Mounter combination ladder or the Atlas combination ladder. For all professional jobs!

Fixed access with a hoop or escape ladder

Our collection includes the simplest escape ladders to the most complex hoop ladders. The hoop ladders and escape ladders have been specifically developed to easily access a roof of an industrial building, home or apartment building. Because these ladders are always delivered pre-installed, the final assembly is a piece of cake. It is also no problem to have one of our specialists install the ladder.


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