Fiber-Deck® platform

Lightweight, heavy-duty quality

Altrex lightens your workload. Fiber-Deck® platforms are designed with your comfort in mind. Sturdy, indestructible and 30% lighter than wooden platforms. And you'll notice the difference.


Make it easy on yourself. Choose the lightest solution

Build it quicker, less heavy-lifting, easy to move: the benefits of this Altrex innovation are weightier than the Fiber-Deck® platforms themselves. The lightweight materials make these platforms 30% lighter than traditional wooden platforms. You will notice right away that they are much lighter.

Fiber-Deck® platforms also come equipped with many useful additions. Two crossbeams provide a sturdy grip, allowing you to lift up and move the platforms. The innovative wind lock hook makes erecting and dismantling faster and easier. The wind security system is integrated into the unique design.

The Fiber-Deck® platforms are specifically designed for the RS TOWER 5 Series. Here, you can find further information about the many options offered by this rolling tower.


Light, safe and with high Health & Safety standards

If you work with scaffolding every day, you'll know just intensive it can get. Fiber-Deck® platforms make your work lighter and safer. Occupational health and safety wise, that is also exceptionally responsible.