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How should you transport your rolling tower?

You purchased an Altrex rolling tower. Great! Now you can look forward to years of good use. But, how will you transport the rolling tower to your next job? This can be done in several ways, but that depends whether you have a large or small tower. Due to the large size of our top rolling towers, it is difficult to easily and safely transport them in a car or a commercial vehicle. A rolling tower trailer, twin-axle trailer or scaffolding rack is the perfect solution for this. This blog explains everything about the various transport possibilities and will send you on your way in every sense of the word.

The advantages of a rolling tower on a trailer

If you want to enjoy your aluminium rolling tower for as long as possible, it is vital that you know how to take care of it. Using a rolling tower trailer reduces the chance of damage to a minimum and lets you enjoy a long lifespan of your equipment. Another advantage of a rolling tower trailer is that in a glance you can see if your rolling tower is complete and that way you get started on your work immediately. Completed your job? The trailer is also ideal for storing your rolling tower.

Which types of rolling tower trailers are there?

Altrex has two different rolling tower trailers in its product range. If you're looking for an open trailer, then the Basic rolling tower trailer completely meets your wishes. If you're looking for a closable trailer, then go for the De Luxe rolling tower trailer. An additional advantage of the closable version is that we can put a sticker on the door with your company logo. Furthermore, you prevent theft of your rolling tower parts by affixing an optional padlock. The De Luxe is available in various sizes; one version suitable for platform lengths up to 2.45 metres and another one suitable for a platform length of 3.05 metres.

Steigeraanhanger De Luxe-1

Scaffolding rack

Do you own a rolling tower and a trailer or twin-axle trailer of minimally 3 metres, but you nevertheless want to transport the tower safely? Then opt for the Altrex scaffolding rack. You built this only once and it creates the same effect as a rolling tower trailer. The scaffolding rack can be moved with a forklift onto your twin-axle trailer. When storing, you can stack two scaffolding racks on top of each other using the uprights.


Rolling tower with a trailer

The combination of the Altrex rolling tower and trailer can be purchased at more than 1,500 POS in the Netherlands. The scaffold trailer was developed especially for an RS TOWER 41(-S), RS TOWER 42(-S), RS TOWER 51(-S) and RS TOWER 52(-S) in the following dimensions:

  • Rolling tower width: 75 cm, 90 cm and 135 cm
  • Platform length: 185 cm, 245 cm and 305 cm
  • Platform height: 3.2 metres, 4.2 metres, 5.2 metres, 6.2 metres, 7.2 metres, 8.2 metres, 9.2 metres, 10.2 metres and 11.2 metres.
  • Working height: 5.2 metres, 6.2 metres, 7.2 metres, 8.2 metres, 9.2 metres, 10.2 metres, 11.2 metres, 12.2 metres and 13.2 metres.


All Altrex rolling towers with trailer have a COC certificate and have been approved by the RDW. A COC certificate is an official factory document for European vehicles specifying the type of vehicle, the manufacturer, the chassis number and all other technical data. Every trailer has a construction plate with the name of the manufacturer, a unique number and the maximum permitted load. Check with your national testing agency for additional requirements.

A rolling tower with trailer used for companies does not need to be approved, but we do advice to have the rolling tower trailer inspected annually. Before departure, always check for damage or shortcomings. Our experienced inspectors are always ready to help you with their knowledge and a mobile workplace, should you require this service.

Safe on the road with your rolling tower trailer

A rolling tower trailer is easy to load symmetrically. After loading, attach all the rolling tower parts with a lashing strap. That keeps everything sturdy in its place and prevents shifting. The maximum load of a rolling tower trailer is a double-width rolling tower with Safe-Quick® of 13.2 metres working height. Therefore, always check for overload. When attaching the trailer, it is always important to check whether the connected breakaway chain and lights are working.

Is a category B driving licence sufficient for driving with a rolling tower trailer in the Netherlands? Yes. With a category B driving licence, you can drive safely, because the total weight of the trailer is less than 750 kilograms. However, do keep in mind that your maximum speed when driving with a trailer is 90 km per hour. Also check your registration certificate for the maximum towing capacity of your vehicle. Interested in all the ins and outs about the rolling tower trailer? Then check the page on 'Questions & Answers. Everything about the rolling tower trailer’.

Loading the rolling tower trailer. That's how you do it.


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