Advice Scaffolds 14 July 2022

5 indispensable tips if you regularly use a scaffold for your paint jobs!

If you have a paint job at heights, chances are you will need a scaffold to properly carry out the work. These 5 tips will help you get the most out of your scaffold and carry out your work even faster and safer.


1. Assemble & disassemble with lighter weight

With lightweight Fiber-Deck® platforms you lift less heavy material and assemble and disassemble a scaffold faster. Did you know that Fiber-Deck® platforms are on average 30% lighter than wooden platforms? Furthermore, the two ergonomic crossbeams make it easy to lift and move the platforms. That truly makes your work substantially lighter.


2. This is how you optimally reach a dormer window

A dormer window is often difficult to reach. But that is all in the past with the addition of an extension console to your rolling tower. This allows you to create an extended platform so you can optimally reach the dormer window. Now you can carry out your paint job even safer.

3. Work even safer with the Safe-Quick® GuardRail

Braces are a thing of the past with Safe-Quick®. Safe-Quick® GuardRail makes working safely at height very attainable. Thanks to this innovative rail, you are always protected all-round. The smart assembly method ensures that fixed guardrails and braces are already installed before you reach the next platform. It is practically impossible to assemble the scaffold incorrectly. You are 100% certain you will be painting safely at every level.

4. Work facade-free: all the room to move

A huge advantage of the Safe-Quick® GuardRail is that you can work façade-free. No diagonal braces are needed, as long as your scaffold stands no more than 15 cm from the façade. This gives you all the room and freedom to work. The perfect solution for your painting jobs. Curious to find out how working façade-free works?


5. Drive safely

Driving safely with your scaffold equipment, whether you own a single-width or double-width rolling tower. The rear door can also be used as advertisement; with a logo of your company, you will be visible on every road. That way you will always drive safely to your next painting job.


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