News 16 January 2019

Altrex is growing internationally and expands its distribution centre

An expansion of 4,000 m2 for its international growth ambition

Altrex has begun to expand its distribution centre at the Hessenpoort Industrial Zone in Zwolle. Due to international growth and its ambitions to grow even further, the distribution centre will be expanded to nearly 12,000 m2.

Growth and optimisation

Currently, Altrex supplies its products to more than 60 countries worldwide. In 2018, the company’s growth was tremendous. Due also to the acquisition of a number of new large international customers, such as Kiloutou, Boels UK and the German company HKL Baumaschinen, the growth was bigger than anticipated. Altrex is also growing in the Netherlands. To facilitate this growth, the company has decided to expand its current distribution centre. “By expanding, we will soon be able to organise the export shipments in a smarter way. Furthermore, this enables us to optimise the internal flow of goods. This expansion allows us to serve our customers better on a national and international level. We can continue to guarantee the highest level of reliability”, according to Gerko Arends, Operations Manager at Altrex.

In addition to the extra 4,000 m2, the new distribution centre will also be expanded with six loading/unloading docks. The initial preparations began in January 2019. According to expectations, the project will be completed in the summer of 2019.