News 23 May 2018

Altrex and Zonneplan

Collaborating on safety and visibility

The connection with the customer, that’s our goal. With Zonneplan, the specialist in solar panels, that connection was instantly. Logically, because we have quite a lot in common: quality, safety and of course working at heights. “For us, Altrex makes the difference in everything,” according Cees-Jan Klinge, responsible for the fleet of vehicles at Zonneplan.

Working at heights demands attentiveness, sometimes a bit of nerve and always the right access equipment. We know that and so do the people at Zonneplan. That is why Cees-Jan Klinge and his colleagues looked for access equipment and a partner whose reliability for quality was beyond doubt. “We do everything to install the most suitable product on the roof of our customer”, Klinge tells us. “That means quality, safety and speed are always paramount. And this is an aspect we share with Altrex.”


Partner in safety and growth

Sustainable energy and solar panels are vital for our future. More and more individuals decide to generate green energy in this manner. That is also the reason that Zonneplan has been growing for years, and at extraordinary pace. “To meet demand, we work with installation partners who from the start have collaborated in building Zonneplan. In addition, by now we have our own fast-growing team of installers. Therefore, we also need our own access equipment suitable for every level. After meticulous comparisons and searching in the market, it emerged that Altrex was the right partner for us.”

A robust and reliable scaffold is of vital importance when you work at heights. A priority for the Zonneplan installers is also ease and speed. The crew regularly builds and dismantles the scaffold at least one time per day and sometimes twice. “In the case of a painting or masonry projects, the scaffold might remain in place for a week”, explains Klinge. “Installing solar panels is a shorter and more intensive job. Our customers need the panels on their roof within a day. That is of course understandable, but this means that you want to work with a system that is lightweight, fast and smart. At Altrex we found the scaffolds and trailers that meet our need for speed in our projects and for the growth of Zonneplan.”

Fast delivery, fast response

Klinge and his colleagues opted for Safe-Quick®, the compact, fast to assemble/disassemble rolling tower. By now, dozens of vans with Altrex trailers drive throughout the Netherlands. And with the constant growth of Zonneplan, the demand for access equipment continues to grow. “We have periods that within a few days and sometimes even the next day, we need extra equipment. Here too, Altrex offers good solutions. By now, whatever we need is in stock. That makes the equipment available ad hoc. Fast delivery and also fast response if anything is faulty. That’s the way we work, the way Altrex works and the way we collaborate.”

“Fast delivery and fast response. That’s the way we work, the way Altrex works and the way we collaborate.”
Cees-Jan Klinge

Unique and striking customisation

For Zonneplan, it is all about quality and safety. Also distinctiveness was an important reason for choosing Altrex. With that, Klinge targets appearance and visibility. “We specifically looked at what makes Altrex unique and what they can do uniquely for us”, he tells us. “We want to be distinctive, to present ourselves successfully to our customers and to be recognisable when we drive by. Altrex makes it possible by providing our trailers and scaffolds with our house style; the equipment has our logo and our company colours. Customisation thus, which means we show exactly who we are and what we do. The possibility to create personalised access equipment makes Altrex unique and makes Zonneplan distinctive.”

According to Klinge, the quality, safety and ease of the access equipment were the primary reasons for choosing Altrex. “Obviously, it concerns the safety of our people, but the connection with and the mentality of the supplier must also fit into your organisation. Just like us, Altrex goes the extra mile. That’s exactly what you need if you want to deliver the best and stay ahead.”

“Personalised customisation. Showing precisely who we are and what we do.”

About Zonneplan

Zonneplan is a specialist in solar panels, converters, fitting materials and installation. Starting in 2010, the company has been making sustainable energy available and affordable for individuals throughout the Netherlands. With certified installation teams, its own stores, a testing centre and an internal training centre, Zonneplan always provides its customers with the best possible and most sustainable solution.

For three years in a row, Zonneplan has won the Gazelle Awards for the fastest growing company. To continue this growth, they are constantly looking for installation technicians.

For more information, see www.zonneplan.nl