News 13 August 2018

Scaffolding update

Additions to the Altrex scaffolding range

Updates and innovation are part of what Altrex does. We work every day to make our products better, easier and safer. But we don't just develop new products. We also constantly focus on improving and developing existing products. We recently introduced a number of new scaffolding innovations. We recently introduced a number of new scaffolding innovations.


MiTOWER with Fiber-Deck® platforms

The lightweight Fiber-Deck® platforms are now also available for the MiTOWER rolling tower. Some industries do not allow the use of wood. There was also a demand for lighter platforms. We combined both of these requirements into one solution: the Fiber-Deck® platforms. The lightweight materials make these platforms 30% lighter than traditional wooden platforms. This means they are lighter for lifting, easier to move and quicker to erect and dismantle.

90 cm Frame

In addition to the 75 and 135 cm frames, Altrex now also offers the option of a 90 cm frame. As standard, the narrow versions of the RS TOWER 41 and 51 rolling towers are 75 cm wide. Altrex is now also introducing a 90 centimetre frame. This wider version offers more space and freedom, making it easier to install platforms and braces.


RS TOWER 44 folding tower

With the RS TOWER 44, Altrex is offering a handy folding tower in the professional range. This professional folding tower is suitable for jobs in and around the house. The narrow frame of 0.75 metres means it fits through door openings. This scaffolding has 125 mm diameter wheels with rubber tread. Ideal for home use.