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Which aluminium stepladder is the best for you and your job?

When choosing an aluminium stepladder, you must carefully consider various factors. Needing a stepladder means that you will be working at heights. That's naturally something you want to do safely. It is not surprising that the Altrex aluminium stepladders are the best sold stepladders. The Double Decker is popular for home use and in the industrial sector, the Taurus double-sided stepladder is used very frequently. Still not entirely sure which is the best one for you? Follow all the steps described below and you will find the right product.


How high can you work with a stepladder?

You want to carry out work up high, but you're just not able to reach the spot. With a stepladder, it's so much easier to reach everywhere. But before starting the job, it is important to know how high you have to reach.

With a 3-step stepladder, you can certainly reach a height of 2.5 metres. If that's not high enough, then opt for a 5-step model. This will allow you to reach to a height of 3 metres. You can reach even higher with 10 steps. The latter is used mostly in the professional sector and enables you to reach up to 4.5 metres! Our home, garden and kitchen stepladders are available with 2 to maximum 8 steps. The professional versions have up to 12 steps.

So which type should you choose?

Determine in advance the purpose of your stepladder. That is perhaps one of the most important points. For lighter work activities, for example, for cleaning windows on the ground floor, the home stepladder is sufficient. If you have to work on a larger surface, then opt for a warehouse stepladder or industrial platform stepladder with wheels. For intensive use (daily and long-term), a professional stepladder is the solution.

Make sure you understand the prescribed legislation. A stepladder must comply with the European EN131.

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Which types of stepladders are available?

Altrex stepladders come in different models and sizes. For example, there are household stepladders, kitchen stepladders, industrial stepladders, industrial stairs, platform stepladders and professional stepladders. In addition to aluminium stepladders, we also have wooden loft ladders.

If your work require lots of moving, then we recommend buying a double-sided stepladder. The advantage is that you can climb the stepladder from both sides. An example of this is the Falco double-sided stepladder with a support bracket for extra safety. The metal spread protection safeguard guarantees that the stepladder will not collapse inadvertently.

Will you be working in the same spot for a long period, then a single-sided stepladder will be sufficient for your requirements. This stepladder has a user-friendly hinge system on the wide platform. If you only need to use the stepladder for a short period, then go for the aluminium household stepladder.

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Double Decker
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Double sided stepladder
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Platform stepladder

What types of finish works are there?

Altrex gives you a choice of uncoated or coated aluminium. The coating on the profiles gives the aluminium a lovely mat or shiny look. In addition, the aluminium feels less cold. Especially in the winter, out clients really appreciate this feature. An example of coated profiles can be seen in the Eifel single-sided stepladder.

Still not entirely sure which stepladder is the best one for you and for your work activities? Use the product search to always find the right product.

  • Find the stepladder that is best for you and your work activities

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