Inspiration 21 July 2022

The best stepladder for professionals: 4 reasons why you should choose the Taurus.

The best of its kind, the showpiece, the masterwork, but most of all, the safest and firmest stepladder on the market. You literally see the Taurus stepladders everywhere, from the industrial sector to construction sites. The Taurus stepladder has probably become one of best-known stepladders in the world—and that is something we are very proud of.


371 times up and down the Taurus Mountains

If we would place all the Taurus stepladders that have been sold one after the other, then we could climb up and down the Turkish Taurus Mountains more than 371 times. Really, no kidding. And then take into account that the stepladder is mostly used for professional work. We are probably stating the obvious, but nevertheless, today we will list four additional reasons why you should work with a Taurus.

  1. The strongest stepladder on the market

    The Taurus is a robust and indestructible stepladder for intensive use, wherever you are working. The sturdy anti-slip feet and double box profile in the feet make this stepladder the sturdiest in its category. The height difference between the eight-centimetre-wide feet is 25 centimetres, meaning the feet also support your shins. Ideal when you want to work comfortably for longer periods of time.

  2. Safety on every step

    The smart design of its metal spread protection makes this stepladder easy to lock before use. The spread protection guarantees sturdiness and prevents unintentional closure of the stepladder. In addition, unlocking the spread protection is done easily in one move. Your safety is even more visible with the Red Step®. This red step indicates your maximum standing height. Also, these stepladders meet all the current standards and regulations, EN131, NEN2484 and Dekra.

  3. Equipped with smart elements

    All the loose elements of the Taurus stepladder are hidden on the inside of the side rails. For example, the feet are secured in the struts using a special blind rivet technique and the front and back racks are connected with double hinges, which protect you from getting cut from sharp edges or parts.

  4. Market leader for more than 30 years

    The Taurus is a proven stepladder concept that has been on the global market for more than 30 years. The firmest stepladder on the market and the top model in the Altrex stepladder range. The double-sided stepladder has a smart hinge system that prevents fingers from getting jammed. This stepladder also has the most user-friendly clamping bracket that can be folded down with one hand in two seconds, making the stepladder compact for transport. The single-sided stepladder has a double platform for extra standing comfort and a handy tool tray in the guardrail.

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The stepladder for professionals

The single-sided and double-sided stepladders and warehouse stepladder in the Taurus series have a dirt-repelling coating and last for years thanks to the high-quality aluminium. They are available from two to twelve steps, providing a work height of nearly five metres. Are you looking for more reasons why you should choose the Taurus stepladder or are you not sure whether this is the right product for you? Feel free to contact us or to read more about what to take into consideration when choosing the right stepladder. We are more than happy to help.


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