Kibo single straight ladder - 1 x 12 rungs
Kibo single straight ladder - 1 x 12 rungs


single straight ladder
Private usage
Professional usage
  • Comfortable single straight ladder suitable for intensive use
  • Suitable for professional use
  • Available with 10 to 16 rungs
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Kibo single ladder. Lightweight ladder for professional use.

The Kibo is the professional lightweight ladder. Its light weight makes it very handy and easy to set up. The bended ladder beams ensure that you can safely carry out your job anywhere. This ladder is equipped with a square rung tube profile, which makes it extra strong and durable in use. So you can experience your guaranteed reliability and comfort, at any height. You can rely on Altrex.

The single ladder is available in variations of 10, 12, 14 or 16 rungs. Despite its compact dimensions, you can achieve maximum results with working heights of up to 5.3 metres. This ladder is extremely easy to use and can easily be set up against any wall. Weighing 6 to 10 kg, this ladder can be lifted by one person.

EN 131 neg
5 years guarantee neg

Product specifications

Max Working Height
4.5 m
1 x 12
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All specifications

Max Working Height 4.5 m
Rungs 1 x 12
Series Kibo
Article number 515112
EAN code 8711563273252
Floor area (against facade) 0,93 x 0,85 m x m
Length 3.53 m
Maximum standing height 2.49 m
Product name Kibo single straight ladder - 1 x 12 rungs
Storage depth 8 cm
Storage height 352.6 cm
Storage width 84.3 cm
Type code KEU 1x12
Weight 7.3 kg

Light in weight, long in reach

Easy to lift, but reach your desired height? Then choose the Kibo single ladder. This ladder is exceptionally light for its class, but still very robust.


Square rung for improved standing comfort

The rungs of the Kibo single ladder measure 2.8 x 2.8 centimetres and ensure that you can stand comfortably during your work. With the durable nature of the material, these rungs also last for years, even with the most intensive use.


Bended beams with extra-wide feet

The bended beams at the bottom of the ladder provide more stability and make it easy to place your ladder in any desired position. And, with the extra wide feet, the ladder has even more grip, giving you even more contact with the surface you are working on.


With the generous rung to rung distance, you reach even further

The Kibo single ladder has a standard rung to rung distance of 28 centimetres. This generous distance allows you to stand higher and reach further. So, every job is a piece of cake!

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