EP5 roof edge protection - 2.5 m length (1 x 2,5 m)


roof edge protection
Private usage
Professional usage
  • Available in 2.45 and 3.05 meters
  • Safe working on flat roofs

Roof edge protection EP5. Working safely on flat roofs

Working on a flat roof? With the Altrex roof edge protection EP5, you are guaranteed the necessary safety. Put the smart system together using just three parts. This is made even easier by a easy-to-use claw mechanism. You can install the double guardrail frame in one process. Roof edge protection is vital for anyone who needs to work on a flat roof in safety.

Product specifications

Article number
EAN code
Product name
EP5 roof edge protection - 2.5 m length (1 x 2,5 m)
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All specifications

Article number C500601
EAN code 8711563170711
Product name EP5 roof edge protection - 2.5 m length (1 x 2,5 m)
Series EP5
Type Scaffold Roof edge protection

Infinite connection options

The system is developed so that you can connect the roof edge protectors EP5 to one another ad infinitum. It is therefore also suitable for very large roofs surfaces.


Ballast both useful and necessary

One counterweight of 20kg is required per stand. This will make the roof edge protection EP5 really robust.


Rapid assembly

A roof joist, double guardrail brace and a counterweight. With just three parts, you can construct the roof edge protector EP5, without using any tools, in the blink of an eye.


Top-notch engineering

Maximum strength and stability. Calculated by our engineers, guaranteed by our test lab. That's why Altrex feels like solid ground under your feet.

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