Boiler Stage

Boiler Stage

Private usage
Professional usage
  • Platform lengths from 3 to 12 meters
  • Suspended platform for in boilers and silos
  • Suitable for access bigger than Ø450 mm

Davit Arm. Reliable suspension construction for suspended platforms

The Davit Arm is a suspension construction for suspended platforms or Rope Access. Robust and reliable. This fixed and compact construction is ideal if space is too limited to install for example roof beams. Improving safety at height.

The Davit Arm is easy to install. The lightweight construction consists of just a few parts. Counter-weights are not required but a safety tie-back is obligatory. Depending on the available space and the required outreach, we can customise the Davit Arm for your specific project.

Product specifications

Product name
Boiler Stage

All specifications

Product name Boiler Stage

Ideal for limited access

All individual components fitt through a manhole of just 450mm. With modules of 1,2 and 3 metres, you build the platform to a maximum of 12 metres.


Lightweight and strong

The lightweight aluminium is extremely strong and reliable with a maximum load capacity of max. 500 kg (or 150 kg. on cantilevered platforms).


Compact and easy to transport.

The inspection platform consists of many individual components. Easy to disassemble and compact to store and transport.


Customisation possible

If you have additional requirements or would like alternative dimensions, contact our customisation specialist to discuss the options.

How To: mounting a suspension bridge (CE) using end-brackets


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