Customized product for Bruil

The modular safety platform

From demand to a new way of working

A small improvement can have a big impact, certainly when it comes to working safely. Moreover, a smart idea makes the job a lot more pleasant. For example, we came up with the idea of a modular safety platform for and jointly with Bruil, supplier of mortars and prefab concrete: a simple and effective custom solution.

“We looked for a solution to a safety problem at the building site,” says Edo Peet, CSR manager at Bruil. “We supply, among other things, dry mortars in silos to building sites. These silos are topped up at the building site: a bigbag for replenishing is then suspended above the silo. This involves manual labor, such as opening the bottom side of the bigbag. In earlier days, you could only climb up the side of the silo using a ladder: unprotected and impractical.”

  • 1 Water-milled logo
  • 33x66 Mounting hooks
  • 2 Aluminium grid(ded) floors

The demand: strong and solid

First, Bruil sat down at the drawing board, but finding a workable solution emerged to be a challenge, until a colleague mentioned the customized concepts of Altrex. Edo Peet contacted Altrex and explained the challenge faced by Bruil: the product should be solid and light at the same time. It should also be easily disassembled and withstand pounding, because it is used intensively. Furthermore, legal safety standards apply to the construction sector.

The modular safety platform of Altrex reinforces the added value of our product. That is also the feedback from our customers."

“The engineers of Altrex surprised us with a smart design: the modular safety platform,” states Peet. “The frame consists of rugged tubes, including many round tubes. These provide the user with maximum grip and dirt slides easily off them. The customized grate of the platform has large holes, so that rubbish and dirt have little chance of accumulating. In spite of the large openings, the platform has sufficient loadbearing capacity, more than the set standards. And with the water-milled logo, the platform also looks nice. After all, appearance also counts.”

New standard

Bruil’s small silos already made quite a difference at the building site. It is a more practical, quicker and cleaner way of working. Also in view of the Occupational Health & Safety Act, the silos are a lot smarter. “The modular safety platform of Altrex reinforces the added value of our product. That is also the feedback from our customers. They immediately viewed the handy safety platform as a safer way of working.”

In the meantime, Bruil is busy with the next series of safety platforms. Before manufacturing these, we will first examine whether and how the current solution can still be improved and become even safer. Always go the extra mile; that’s our standard.

Real custom work starts with contacting the Altrex specialist

Are you also facing a challenge? Our engineers will be pleased to help you on your way to the best solution.

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