More possibilities, more products, more Altrex

The possibilities of our new welding line are as diverse as the requirements of our customers. This is one of the key reasons for innovating our product line: being able to offer a access solution for any demand or requirement. In a range or custom-made.

More Altrex

The latest stage of the welding line is almost ready. Our capacity has expanded even more to ensure that we will soon be capable of manufacturing an unrivalled range of access equipment. Thanks to high-tech robots, custom-made welding programmes and the expertise of our employees, we will soon be able to offer a wider range than ever before.

A few figures

75 metres of robotic welding production line, 6 smart welding robots, 108 unique welding programmes, 16 different welding jigs and 139 product numbers. A total that offers bottom-line possibilities in particular. Suspended platforms, stepladders and scaffolds in both standardised as well as custom-made models and dimensions. Controlled by computer programs that tells the welding robots precisely when, where and how to weld.

A solution for every need

A solution for every need

Our suspended platforms alone have three specific welding jigs and welding programmes for decks, side frames and U-frames. For example, for decks we can use 1 jig and 8 individual programmes to manufacture an equal amount of different decks. Varying in length and modified to meet the regulations of the country where the customer is based.

Our range of scaffolding also takes every need and requirement into account: 7, 6, 4, 3 or 2 rung-frames, a range of heights and platform lengths, intensity of use: each specification and every technically different product requires a custom-made jig and welding programme. This even takes place at a customer level, where we manufacture jigs and programmes especially for the products of a single customers. This is a 100% custom-made job, as the requirement is so specific.

Seamless welding, faultless production

Each type of welding job requires a different control programme. We therefore create a specific programme for each product. There are currently 108 unique welding programmes, in which we take into account different parameters such as the wall thickness of frames. For example, our RS TOWER 4 Series (1.6mm) and RS TOWER 5 Series (2.0mm) differ in wall thickness. The duration and intensity of the welding job also plays an essential role.

The combination of specific welding programmes and precise planning ensures that errors are virtually eliminated during the production process. Each welding jig also has a clamping programme to ensure that only the correct product component is inlaid. In the unlikely event that this does not occur then both the laser robot and the welding professional immediately notice if a product component does not belong in the jig.

You’ve read it here: the arrival of the new welding line means that you can count on more possibilities, more products and more Altrex. Follow our blogs and stay up to date!

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