• Private use
  • Professional use
  • Extra stability on sand, grass or gravel
  • For all the garden chores
  • Suitable for all household stepladders

Garden Base: The handiest accessory for working on sand, grass and gravel.

For all your garden chores, your naturally prefer to use a household stepladder. Nothing is more bothersome than not being able to set your stepladder close to the hedges that you want to trim, because part or the entire underground is soft. With the Garden Base under you household stepladder, working on sand, grass or grave is a breeze.

You easily attach the 90cm wide Garden Base to the underside of your household stepladder using the U-bracket and rotary knobs delivered with the product. That way, the feet of the ladder always stand on a flat and sturdy basis. Thanks to the anodised finish (a hard and wear-free layer), the material of your Garden Base will retain its nice look for a long time.

Product specifications

Item number EAN length weight (kg)
509357 8711563257184 0,88 2,50