• Private use
  • Professional use
  • Handrail for the Double Decker or Lima household stepladder
  • Extra safe due to extra grip
  • Simple to mount

Handrail: For extra grip when using your household stepladder

The Handrail provides additional safety when using your household stepladder, because you can always hold on to an extra large handrail. The Handrail is around one metre long and is very easy to mount on the Lima or Double Decker household stepladders. Using the bolt and nut that come with the product, you install the handrail and in a jiffy you can reach any desired height. This allows you to easily climb up your stepladder and hold on to it during your chores. That's exactly what you want!

Product specifications

Item number EAN length weight (kg)
509358 8711563257191 1 2,50