• Private use
  • Professional use
  • For safe transportation of your ladder
  • Suitable for every type of ladder
  • Supplied as a set (2 pieces)

SafeClamp. Safe transportation of your ladder

With the SafeClamp from Altrex, you can transport your ladder safely every time. Lashing straps and ladder clamps are history. The SafeClamp allows you to easily secure your ladder to the roof of your van or car. Once the ladder is in position, position the SafeClamp and pull the handle. With just one movement, the ladder is secure. The SafeClamp is 5 times quicker than the traditional security systems for transporting ladders. With the SafeClamp you can get on the road in the blink of an eye.

Product specifications

Item number EAN
509220 5060191574068
Altrex. Always nearby.

Altrex. Always nearby.

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5 years guarantee. Standard at Altrex.

5 years guarantee. Standard at Altrex.

Quality is the norm, certainty the standard. We stress that with five to ten year warranty and service. You can count on that.

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70 years innovations on level

70 years innovations on level

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