• Taking you to great heights with ease

    The rope/pulley system means one, simple movement is all you need to access great heights. It also rolls out easily due to the top wheels on the ends.

  • Lightweight, great range

    The I-profile makes this ladder the lightest in its field. It also allows you to easily slide the Mounter extendible ladder in and out.

  • Working safety at height

    If you're choosing safety, choose the Mounter extendible ladder. The automatic, safety-catch will ensure that your ladder is always locked.

  • Achieve more with extra length

    The pleasant rung-to-rung distance of 27cm gives the Mounter an advantage over regular ladders. Reach higher and stand taller. Exactly what you need.

  • Unique D-rung

    The ladder incorporates the D-rung, unique to Altrex. The large, anti-slip standing surface offers more space to stand on and greater comfort.