• Comfortable ERGO-GRIP

    The box profile is ergonomically designed. This ensures a natural grip. Handy if you use it frequently.

  • Taking you to great heights with ease

    This ladder can easily be extended to great heights. It also rolls out easily against a façade due to the top rolls on the ends (from 2 x 12).

  • Working safety at height

    If you're choosing safety, choose the Nevada push-up ladder. The ladder parts can be locked. This prevents the ladder from unexpectedly closure during use.

  • Achieve more with extra length

    The generous rung-to-rung distance of 28cm allows the Nevada push-up ladder to take you to unparalleled heights.

  • Extra high rungs

    The ladder has extra high rungs (30 mm). They offer support to your shins. Providing greater comfort if you are using the ladder for an extended period.