• Working safely on an uneven level

    With the MiTOWER STAIRS, you can work safely on an uneven level. Stable all the way to the top.

  • Compact and easy to place on a staircase

    The compact design means that the MiTOWER STAIRS is the ideal scaffold to move into a narrow stairwell.

  • A handy extension

    The MiTOWER STAIRS is available as an upgrade for both MiTOWER and MiTOWER PLUS.

  • Strong and stable

    Circular welded and pinched claw-brace connections turn the MiTOWER STAIRS into the strongest, most stable scaffolding of its kind.

  • Unique suspension mechanism

    'Extra hands' to hang materials during the construction and dismantling of the MiTOWER STAIRS. Slides in and out in a single, quick movement.

  • Your MiTOWER STAIRS, your identity

    Make your MiTOWER STAIRS recognizable using the logo, name and colours of your business. So that you are visible on every level.

How to: Build up a MiTOWER Stairs