Buy a Loft Ladder

Buying an Altrex loft ladder, the ladder for reaching your storage space in a loft? Not everyone has room to place a fixed ladder. Let’s be honest, it's a pity not to use this space. The ideal solution is to place a foldable wooden loft ladder. You open the hatch, unfold the loft ladder and this way, you connect the lower floor with your loft. Mounting the loft ladder demands some dexterity, but it can absolutely be done. If you want to do this yourself, then place the loft ladder in the stairwell with a lockable hatch of 26 mm or 46 mm.

We take into account the following dimensions between which a loft ladder can be installed:

  • 1.10 x 0.60 m
  • 1.10 x 0.70 m
  • 1.20 x 0.60 m
  • 1.20 x 0.70 m
  • 1.40 x 0.70 m

That way, you always find the loft ladder that fits your house.

Compare the various stepladders?

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