0.03 mm; positional accuracy at micron level

The knowledge and experience of our welding professional guarantees high-quality welding jobs. The high-tech robots in our new welding line help us to raise the bar a step further. They ensure continuity, precision and outstanding accuracy.


Robots have skills that we as people can’t even begin to touch. They can move faster than a human body, they can perform the same task for a longer time (they don’t need any breaks, etc.) and they don’t have the risk of welders’ eyes or burn injuries. This also applies to our new ABB welding robots. What then makes the robots in our welding line so special?


Accuracy up to the micrometre

Our robots are special for several reasons, but one property made our choice very easy: accuracy. This is particularly important in welding. It has a direct influence on the quality, reliability and the final result. The correct position of the welding torch is thus crucial for a perfect welding job.

It is precisely the positional accuracy of 0.03 mm which makes our robots unique. They are precise up to the 30th micrometre or in other words, the robots are 30 times more accurate than 1 mm. An innovation at micron level.

Identical repetitions

It is very important to be able to rely on constant accuracy precisely within Altrex where recurring and identical welding contracts are the order of the day. The new robots are capable of approximating programmed points with the utmost precision a second time. They ‘know’ the welding jig and how to find each position again without error. Thus, the robots, besides being extremely accurate are also just plain smart.