• Easy access

    The stairway tower has a walk-through frame. Offering easy access to the scaffolding.

  • Configuration and combinations

    The rolling tower system can be extended with components from the RS TOWER 5-series and combined with other items, such as an aluminium stage or an extension console.

  • Strong connections

    The clamped claw-brace connections make the RS TOWER 53 super-strong. The connection are not welded and can take a knock or two.

  • Wooden or lightweight platforms

    The system is supplied with wooden or lightweight platforms. Fiber-Deck® platforms are 30% lighter and make assembly and disassembly even easier.

  • Integrated wind security system

    The innovative wind lock hook makes erecting and dismantling faster and easier. The wind security system is integrated into the unique design.

  • Fixed locking pins

    The locking pins are secured to the frame. So they are always at the right place and always to hand.

  • Every part can be replaced

    All of the parts can be replaced separately. Ordered and delivered quickly so you can get to work.

  • Double-braked wheels

    Your rolling tower is stabilised with double-braked wheels. Simple to unlock manually and individually adjustable to 25 cm.

  • Your RS TOWER, your identity

    Make your RS TOWER stand out with your company's colours. All-round visibility at every level.