News 24 November 2017

Altrex and Boeve: Collaborating on smart solutions

Faster and more efficient work by using lightweight platforms for plasterers

Smart solutions: that is a daily affair at Altrex. We regularly work with other parties that have similar ambitions, for example Boeve Afbouw. Together, we have developed a special platform for plasterers for working faster and more efficiently. Of course in the safest way possible.

Boeve Afbouw is a specialist in completing the construction of houses and public utilities. The company is located in Lemelerveld and delivers top quality when it comes to stuccowork, spraying, façade insulation, maintenance of outer walls and paintwork. “We always go one step beyond,” says Martijn Boeve of Boeve Afbouw. “We are always looking at how we can elevate the quality to a higher level. We therefore systematically test new products, spaying techniques and materials. That is why we ended up at Altrex.”

“We now work far more efficiently. The guys on the work floor are super enthusiastic and will no longer work without it.”
Martijn Boeve
Boeve Afbouw

Heavy and clumsy

“For stuccowork or spraying ceilings or walls we often work on steel trestles. The trestles are heavy and cumbersome. Moreover, you can only cover a limited surface, unless you constantly move the trestles. Transporting these trestles is often not ideal. I was convinced that there must be a better solution and in Altrex we discovered the perfect partner for this,” according to Boeve.


Lightweight stuccowork tables

Jointly with Boeve Afbouw, the engineers in Altrex developed special stuccowork platforms that is constructed from existing scaffold components. “We noticed the immense advantages during construction and use. Using only a few frames, lightweight Fiber-Deck® platforms and wheels, in no time we create a stuccowork table that enables you to reach a large surface. The platform is easy to move and is adjustable in height thanks to the adjustable scaffold castors. That way, each plasterer can determine his ideal work posture.” Boeve also acknowledges the advantages in transport. “The components take up less room and are easier to transport. We can now start working much faster.”

Light, safe and reliable in terms occupational health & safety

The work of a plasterer is intensive. The plasterer’s platform makes the work at Boeve Afbouw lighter and more efficient. That makes it a particularly responsible approach in terms of occupational health & safety. “The guys on the work floor will no longer work without it,” Boeve tells us. “And for me, that is the biggest gain.”