• At working height in 12 minutes

    The MiTOWER PLUS is assembled in no-time. To the highest level quickly, without the help of a colleague.

  • Compact and simple transport

    You can make a movable trolley with the scaffolding materials. Fits through any standard door opening and in many company vehicles. Dimensions 165 x 75 x 210 cm (L x W x H).

  • Strong and stable

    The Circular robot welded rung-leg post connections of the MiTOWER PLUS makes the strongest and most stable rolling tower of its type.

  • Unique component hangers

    ‘Extra hands’ to suspend materials during the assembly and disassembly of the MiTOWER PLUS. Moving in and out in one quick movement.

  • Erect your MiTOWER PLUS even safer and easier with Safe-Quick®

    With the Safe-Quick® GuardRail you have your guardrail in place before entering the platform. This way you can build your MiTOWER PLUS even safer, faster and easier.

  • Safe to use

    The only Rolling tower that you can assemble without assistance. While you can work on it with your colleague.

  • Your MiTOWER PLUS, your identity

    Have your MiTOWER PLUS stand out with the logo, the name and colours of your company. This makes you visible on every level.

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