The first step in replacing a foot

Place the ladder on a flat surface. If you have the option of placing the ladder on an elevated surface, even better. This makes replacing the foot a lot easier.

The first step is to drill out the blind rivet of the old foot. You will need a drill or electric screwdriver for this. Remove the old blind rivet with a wire cutter. Remove the old foot from the ladder and, if necessary, clean any residue from the drilling.

Drill out the blind rivet of the old foot

Place the new foot on the ladder

Now place the new foot on the ladder. Place a blind rivet in the opening of the foot and a ring on the back of the foot. Secure the foot with a rivet gun. If you don’t have a rivet gun, you can also use a self-tapping screw. Make sure that each foot is secured with two blind rivets or screws.

Secure the foot with a rivet gun

You always stand safely with new feet for your ladder

If you need to replace several feet, just repeat the aforementioned steps for each foot. Your ladder will be good to go and you will be standing securely and thus safely!