If you use the folding ladder as a 'straight' ladder, it is important that you check the angle of the folding ladder before climbing the first step. An angle of 75 degrees is ideal. This can easily be tested by placing the tip of your shoes at the feet of the ladder, and extending your arms forward. If you can easily grasp the folding ladder, the angle is right. Also check that the rungs of the ladder are actually horizontal.

4 tips for working on a folding ladder

Never load the folding ladder with more than 150 kg, including any 'baggage' that you might be carrying. No more than one person may work on the folding ladder at a time. This will put yourself and others at risk. Also ensure that you always have one hand free when you climb on a folding ladder. If this is impossible, take extra safety measures.

When using a folding ladder, ensure that the hinge system of the ladder is properly locked. Always check that the hinge is positioned correctly. If the hinge is not correctly locked, slide it back into position and try to ‘lock’ it again, never force it!

4 tips for working with a folding ladder

Use of the folding ladder in platform position. Make sure you always use a platform. This will ensure that you are always safe and secure. In some folding ladders, this comes as standard. In others, platforms can be obtained separately. Without the platform, it is not allowed to use the folding ladder in platform position.

4 tips for working with a folding ladder

If you want to read step by step instructions on how to work safely on a folding ladder, it is always advisable to consult the user manual.