Platform height of a rolling tower

This is actually very simple. The platform height is the height of the platform on which you will be working, measured from the ground. Therefore, it you erect your platform at a height of 8.20 metres, then your platform height is 8.20 metres. The height of the rolling tower is approximately one metre higher than the platform height, thus in this example, your rolling tower will be 9.20 metres high.

Working height of a rolling tower

What does the working height mean? You calculate the working height by adding two metres to the platform height. In this case, it becomes 10.20 metres. The average Dutch person can reach up to two metres high when extending both his/her arms, which is why we use this measurement for determining the working height. Consequently, you buy a rolling tower based on the height that you want to reach, whether with a brush or for installing solar panels.

Difference between platform height and working height

Additional tips for rolling towers